Winchester Business Centre Unit 28; 15 Hope Rd. KGN 10 Kingston, Jamaica

Telephone: (876) 615-4821; (876) 817-4635, (876) 812-1965

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 7:30 A.M. to 7:00 P.M

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  1. marie

    whats the cost to do fusion

    1. ideasjamaican

      Sorry for not replying earlier. I must admit that we have been monitoring our facebook page more than our Blog. We will do better in the future. The price for Cold Fusion is J$16,300, hair not included.

  2. Omie

    Just want to know if you do fusion extension and cost?

    1. ideasjamaican

      Yes we do Fusion, mainly Cold Fusion. The cost is J$16,300, hair not included. If you visit our Facebook page you will see some examples although we do not always state that it is a fusion.

  3. kerrian Edwards

    A pleasant good day I’m a graduate of the HEART college of beauty Service where I’m applying for the position of being an assistant hairstylist, if there is any vacancy please contact me at 3518186 and i also good at braiding etc. thank you for time

    1. ideasjamaican

      We do not really have an opening now but it would be good if we knew what level you did?

  4. Amoy

    What are the prices to remove a normal tattoo on your breast

    1. ideasjamaican

      I am sorry but we would not know what is a normal tattoo. Also, we only give quotes after a consultation and that is on a per session basis. We would not be able to tell how many sessions would be required. We do not charge for the consultation.

      This is our standard response: (Figures are in Jamaican $)

      First of all let me say that we use a Laser Machine which breaks down the pigment from the tattoo and then over a 6 week period your body expels the broken down pigment via your lymphatic system. The process is then repeated until the tattoo is substantially removed. We quote on a per session basis after the client comes in for a free consultation and the range so far is from around $3,500 to around $14,000 based on the size and the colours of the tattoo. Some colours are harder to remove. Now we do not know at the outset how many sessions it will require to substantially remove your tattoo but 6 to 8 sessions may be a fair estimate, but the deeper it is, the more difficult it is to be removed.

      1. La-Toya

        Is the cost the same now? Is the person trained to do same?

        1. ideasjamaican

          I am unable to follow your question because this seems to be a follow up but I do not see what came before. However your reference to J$1,000 per pair sounds like a query about ear lobe piercing. That price was a long time ago. It is now $2,000 to pierce your ear lobes. Let me know if my assumptions were correct.

  5. hammy

    Do you use a needle to pierce the lobe, or a piercing gun

    1. ideasjamaican

      We use the Piercing Gun to pierce the ear lobe but you should note that you are actually being pierced by the medicated stud itself and not the gun. If you prefer to be pierced with a piercing needle, we can do that too.

      1. Sim

        Does that include the earring?

  6. primrose Williamson

    Wen i come down i would love for my hair to done

  7. Marlene

    How much do you charge for tree braids and wat kind of hair do I need for it?

    1. ideasjamaican

      We do Tree Braids for J$7,000 excluding the cost of the hair. Now re the type of hair to be used, remember that Tree Braids looks more like hair extensions than what we normally expect braids to look like so you would select the type of hair with the look that you want. It could be curly or wavey or straight. Synthetic can be used but there are those who would only consider using human hair.

  8. sandy

    Wat do u ave for skin treatmemnt,eg bumps and streatch marks?

    1. ideasjamaican

      We do sell Proactive which is good for some forms of acne. Also when doing a facial we can sometimes address the issue of bumps but it depends.

  9. Marlandra stråhle

    Im a jamaican living in Sweden and Will be in jamaica on vacation in december , i saw on your website that you guys do dreadlocks extensions, and i’m interested in getting My hair done, would like to know wats the cost , and how long Will it take to do it,,, would very Much appreciate in geting a revolt from u guys
    Thanks in adcance

    1. ideasjamaican

      So sorry that I did not see this in time but then maybe you did contact us via facebook or otherwise. Let me know if you already came to Jamaica. We do Lock Extensions for J$17,500 and thene there is the cost of the hair. We usually use Afro Kinky Bulk human hair and you will need at least 7 packs at a cost of around J$1,650 per pack. The best way to contact us and to get a quick response is to use the message inbox on either of our two pages on facebook or you can use our Email address which is Oh, and it takes about 6 hours to do it. I am assuming that your hair is in a natural state or at least your hair roots are natural.

  10. What time do you open? I visited the New kgn salon today @ 8:20 am for an urgent matter; no one responded to the buzzer so I concluded the store is locked. Now I’m really upset, given my situation, about the opening hours posted above and the time I wasted visiting the salon. Furthermore, the Orchid branch was of little help in addressing my problem when I called that branch.

    1. ideasjamaican

      We should have been open at 7:30 am but the person who should have opened sent us a text that they would be late and we were unable to make alternative arrangements. I do want you to know that we do not offer all services from our moment of opening. for example we do not offer any piercing services before 9:30 at the earliest. Please accept our apologies.

      1. Thanks for your response and your kind assistance (eventually) in rectifying the matter.

  11. ideasjamaican

    Thanks for your endorsement, it is much appreciated; and we look forward to seeing you when you are in Jamaica.

  12. Anna

    How much is it to do a clitorial hood piercing ?

    1. ideasjamaican

      I am not sure if I did respond to you but if I did not I apologize and the cost is $5,000. You also have the option of using a topical anesthetic that would numb the area completely so that you would not feel a thing. That would be at an additional cost of only $400; otherwise we use Cold Spray.

      1. latty

        Do you still do clitoral hood piercing if yes how much is it

  13. chauntee

    What’s the cost to do tongue piercing

  14. mahalia

    What’s the cost to do a navel piercing

  15. Daniel

    What’s the cost to do a piercing on one ear for guys.

  16. Kathie

    Hello I would just like to know the cost for navel piercing. Do you know how much time it takes to heal?

    1. ideasjamaican

      We do a Navel Piercing for $2,500 and that includes the jewelry. Re healing, this is one area that takes a long time to heal. Most estimates say 9 to 12 months to be fully healed.

  17. Marcia

    Do u guys does permanent eyebrow and how much does it cost

  18. marcy

    how much is it to pierce my nose

  19. Al

    I have been trying to reach the new Kingston branch all day….is the number here correct?

    1. ideasjamaican

      The number is 929-8521. I do not know how long ago you wrote this but I am just now trying to answer all the questions. My apologies. I hope you eventually got through to us. The number is working. If you still have a problem let me know and I will give you a Cell #.

  20. renee lawrence

    where can i purchase a piercing gun

  21. Suzette Morrison

    How much does it cost to get my done, not too tall around a 8″ locks extension

    1. ideasjamaican

      We do lock extensions for $17,500 not including the hair. You would typically need 6 to 7 packs of hair but I would have to get back to you with the estimated cost of the hair. Since this was a long time ago, please let me know if you are still interested in this service. And we are now in the Winchester Business Centre.

    1. ideasjamaican

      That would be $1,600 to do both ear lobes using a piercing gun.

  22. Dre

    How much do you charge to remove a small tattoo

    1. ideasjamaican

      We have a minimum charge of $4,000 PER SESSION. We are unable to predict how many sessions it will take to remove your tattoo. We charge based on the size of the tattoo and the design. For example if two tattoos are the same size but one is filled in with ink while the other has no ink, the latter one would cost less. We invite persons to come in for a consultation, during which we discuss how the process works, how to take care of your tattoo once the laser treatment begins and what would be the cost PER SESSION. You can start the sane day.

    2. ideasjamaican

      The cost to remove a tattoo varies both in the COST PER SESSION which is how we quote and in the number of sessions requited which we are unable to predict. We do have a minimum charge per session but the cost is dependent mainly on the size of the tattoo. The colours can affect the number of sessions. We ask that you come in for a consultation at which time we will provide a quote which is the COST PER SESSION payable at each laser treatment. Please note that we are no longer in New Kingston and have relocated to the Winchester Business Centre Unit 28. Our Phone numbers are on the Contact Page.

  23. kaysha

    hi, i have a tatoo which i have been trying to remove for over 10yrs. i have done more than 20 sessions costing thousands of dollars and it is there. how can you assure me that you can help me to rid of this very regrettable tats?

    1. ideasjamaican

      Wow, 20 sessions. Sorry to hear of your experience. I have a few questions for you.

      Has yor tattoo not faded atall?
      What colours are in your tattoo?
      On average, how long was it between each session. And how long did they tell you that it should be between each laser sessions.

      When I get a response from you I will let you know if we can help you.

      Thanks for contacting us.

      1. kaysha

        i called the office twice to speak with you but you were absent. Is it possible you could provide me with a number which i could watsapp u a pic of my tat then you inform me on the way forward. i do not live in Kingston therefore i would like to know as much before i come into office. Thank you

        1. ideasjamaican

          Sorry Kaysha, but were you able to contact us. I do not know if you still require the service but please let us know if you do. Please note that we have since removed from the New Kingston Business Centre and relocated to the Winchester Business Centre Unit 28. Please see our Contact page for our telephone numbers.

    2. ideasjamaican

      You seem to have posted this question twice. I just responded to the other posting.

  24. Shelly

    For the tongue and navel piercing is it done raw or u apply something to num the pain

    1. ideasjamaican

      We always apply numbing to Oral Piercings and that is included in the price but for areas like the Navel, that is an option and we can numb it at an additional cost of $400

  25. Sobrina Hylton

    I would like to book a reservation for December 22 which is my birthday. Or december 23. I bought a Gustazos gift certificate.

    1. ideasjamaican

      Hi Sabrina, I trust that you otherwise contacted us and you were able to get the service you had purchased on Gustazos. We apologise for not communicating before now. Please see our contact page for our contact information.

  26. Jo-Dane

    How much is it to do a navel piercing

  27. hillary

    How much is for piercing for the ears?

    1. ideasjamaican

      The price to do both ear lobes is $2,000 using the piercing gun and the medicated studs.

  28. Debbie-Ann Gordon-Smith

    Hello, I have been calling for the past hour but no one is answering-New Kingston Branch. Is there another number to call?

    1. ideasjamaican

      That number was our land line that was out of service for a long time. We have since moved from the New Kingston Business Centre to Winchester Business Centre Unit 28. The landline there is (876) 615-4821 and we also provide two other numbers which are (876) 817-4635 and (876) 812-1965. We have a lot more space now and although your query was some time ago, we would be happy if you visited us.

  29. Michy

    Hi do you do infant ear piercing with the needle? If yes, what’s the cost?

    1. ideasjamaican

      We do all lobe piercings with the Piercing Gun and the cost is $2,000 for the pair. If you would prefer that we use the piercing needle, we can do that and the cost would be $3,000. It should be noted that when using the piercing gun, you are not being pierced directly by the gun but by the medicated studs in the gun. However you can have it done either way.

      1. Jheanel

        Hello, what is the price to have fusion done? Also, what hair should I buy? U-tip, I-tip, etc.?
        I know nothing about hair!

        1. ideasjamaican

          The service cost to do Cold Fusion is $16,300. The hair required is called Fusion Hair. It comes already bonded in small strips/pieces. We can source it from overseas but you would have to pay for the hair first and we can bring it in within a week You can source it yourself as well but since you say that you do not know anything about hair, it would probably be better for us to source it. Come in and see us. That would also help because not it would give us an opportunity to see your hair and we could discuss the length, colour and texture that you want.

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