Contact Us

New Kingston Shopping Centre


Orchid Village Plaza in Liguanea


New Kingston Shopping Centre; 30 Dominica Drive, Kgn. 5

Telephone: (876) 929-8521

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 7:30 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Orchid Village Plaza; 20 Barbican Road, Kgn. 6

Telephone: (876) 977-HAIR (4247)

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Near Sovereign Shopping Centre in Liguanea, across from Burger King

37 Responses to Contact Us

  1. marie says:

    whats the cost to do fusion


    • Sorry for not replying earlier. I must admit that we have been monitoring our facebook page more than our Blog. We will do better in the future. The price for Cold Fusion is J$16,300, hair not included.


  2. Omie says:

    Just want to know if you do fusion extension and cost?


    • Yes we do Fusion, mainly Cold Fusion. The cost is J$16,300, hair not included. If you visit our Facebook page you will see some examples although we do not always state that it is a fusion.


  3. kerrian Edwards says:

    A pleasant good day I’m a graduate of the HEART college of beauty Service where I’m applying for the position of being an assistant hairstylist, if there is any vacancy please contact me at 3518186 and i also good at braiding etc. thank you for time


  4. Amoy says:

    What are the prices to remove a normal tattoo on your breast


    • I am sorry but we would not know what is a normal tattoo. Also, we only give quotes after a consultation and that is on a per session basis. We would not be able to tell how many sessions would be required. We do not charge for the consultation.

      This is our standard response: (Figures are in Jamaican $)

      First of all let me say that we use a Laser Machine which breaks down the pigment from the tattoo and then over a 6 week period your body expels the broken down pigment via your lymphatic system. The process is then repeated until the tattoo is substantially removed. We quote on a per session basis after the client comes in for a free consultation and the range so far is from around $3,500 to around $14,000 based on the size and the colours of the tattoo. Some colours are harder to remove. Now we do not know at the outset how many sessions it will require to substantially remove your tattoo but 6 to 8 sessions may be a fair estimate, but the deeper it is, the more difficult it is to be removed.


  5. What is the price to pierce the ear lobe?


  6. hammy says:

    Do you use a needle to pierce the lobe, or a piercing gun


    • We use the Piercing Gun to pierce the ear lobe but you should note that you are actually being pierced by the medicated stud itself and not the gun. If you prefer to be pierced with a piercing needle, we can do that too.


  7. primrose Williamson says:

    Wen i come down i would love for my hair to done


  8. Marlene says:

    How much do you charge for tree braids and wat kind of hair do I need for it?


    • We do Tree Braids for J$7,000 excluding the cost of the hair. Now re the type of hair to be used, remember that Tree Braids looks more like hair extensions than what we normally expect braids to look like so you would select the type of hair with the look that you want. It could be curly or wavey or straight. Synthetic can be used but there are those who would only consider using human hair.


  9. sandy says:

    Wat do u ave for skin treatmemnt,eg bumps and streatch marks?


  10. Marlandra stråhle says:

    Im a jamaican living in Sweden and Will be in jamaica on vacation in december , i saw on your website that you guys do dreadlocks extensions, and i’m interested in getting My hair done, would like to know wats the cost , and how long Will it take to do it,,, would very Much appreciate in geting a revolt from u guys
    Thanks in adcance


    • So sorry that I did not see this in time but then maybe you did contact us via facebook or otherwise. Let me know if you already came to Jamaica. We do Lock Extensions for J$17,500 and thene there is the cost of the hair. We usually use Afro Kinky Bulk human hair and you will need at least 7 packs at a cost of around J$1,650 per pack. The best way to contact us and to get a quick response is to use the message inbox on either of our two pages on facebook or you can use our Email address which is Oh, and it takes about 6 hours to do it. I am assuming that your hair is in a natural state or at least your hair roots are natural.


  11. What time do you open? I visited the New kgn salon today @ 8:20 am for an urgent matter; no one responded to the buzzer so I concluded the store is locked. Now I’m really upset, given my situation, about the opening hours posted above and the time I wasted visiting the salon. Furthermore, the Orchid branch was of little help in addressing my problem when I called that branch.


    • We should have been open at 7:30 am but the person who should have opened sent us a text that they would be late and we were unable to make alternative arrangements. I do want you to know that we do not offer all services from our moment of opening. for example we do not offer any piercing services before 9:30 at the earliest. Please accept our apologies.


  12. Bodgyal says:

    Nice to know this salon still deh bout!! I got my first tattoo there o.O…and they always did my hair Damn good.. I was worried bout what go happen to my hair wen I happy 😌relief!! 30inches of hair plus humidity calls for salon innovation…bloop bloop


  13. Anna says:

    How much is it to do a clitorial hood piercing ?


  14. chauntee says:

    What’s the cost to do tongue piercing


  15. mahalia says:

    What’s the cost to do a navel piercing


  16. Daniel says:

    What’s the cost to do a piercing on one ear for guys.


  17. Kathie says:

    Hello I would just like to know the cost for navel piercing. Do you know how much time it takes to heal?


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