Salon Innovation was one of the early pioneers in Body Piercing in Jamaica. We are not referring to ear peircing which has been around for a very long time but just over 30 years ago, there was hardly anywhere you could go to get a Belly Piercing or a Tongue Piercing or even a VCH Piercing. That is where we came in as we started operating in January 1987 as a Beauty Salon and soon after began doing Body Piercing after being trained overseas at Beauty Shows where we were able to get a lot of new ideas and implement them back in Jamaica.

Our goal on this page is to provide relevant information to all those who visit. We will share information on how to take care of your piercing. We will provide information on the average healing times for various piercings. We will talk about the type of materials that are safe to use and also display photos of our work over the years.

Since those early years, many persons have entered this field, some trained by us and we wish them well but others have not been trained. They are not aware of the proper safety protocols. We would encourage them to seek out and obtain the proper training and practice safe procedures and not expose their clients to practices that would be harmful to them. For example, there are Piercers who will use a Piercing Gun to do a Cartilage Piercing. This is wrong as this causes shattering of the cartilage and causes damage that is totally unnecessary. Always insist that a Piercing Needle is used on any area with cartilage. A Piercing Gun should only be used for piercing the Ear Lobe. It should not be used to do a Nose Piercing as I have heard that some piercers do. You should also be able to see when a needle is taken out of an individually sealed package that needles now come in. That way you ensure that a fresh clean needle is being used on you. In the early days, needles used to be supplied in bulk in tubes but we have come a long way since then so only allow needles to be used on you that come in their own package.

We look forward to your interaction with us and hope to be able to connect with you all as we help to keep this industry safe for everyone. So keep yourselves informed on what is safe and appropriate and that way, you will be in a position to demand the best service because you will know what good service is.